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The Peppercorn Festival... Season One

Hello friends!
the time has come to partake in some theatrical entertainment and witness what Alissa has been doing with her days.
Please come and see 'Then Awkwardly We Danced'.
Please oh! please!
Just click the link, read and write it in your diary.
Well done.
Now pop the kettle on. You deserve a cup of tea.

The Peppercorn Festival 2007

May 31 - Jun 16

Contemporary Performance and Drama Education students from Edith
Cowan University inhabit City Farm for three weeks, delivering thirteen short performances over four, three night seasons. Season Two has been especially created for World Environment Day celebrations, 5th of June.

WHERE: City Farm Place, off Lime Street East Perth (Next to Claisebrook

Train Station and the Royal Street Carpark). PH: 9325 7229

All performances start at 7pm. Assembly area for all shows is just inside the main gate of City Farm. Dress warm!!!

WHEN: Season One: Thurs 31st May, Friday 1st June & Sat 2nd June (3 shows per night)

COST: $2 donation encouraged, no bookings necessary

All shows approximately 20-40 mins each


I feel I just go round and round. Nothing is ever new or different. I watch and being watched it all seems very familiar, but at the same time…very far away. The words all blur into one another and yet the difference is palpable. I sense the end is somewhere close by, but the author never writes the last page. I must go on, motion soothes. I feel anxiety, pressure, fear, what if I don’t make a decision? What if I do? I am stuck in the zone between action and inaction, a catatonic state of detached awareness. I suckle at the breast of the mother, feeding me until I burst.

Created & performed by: Blake Barrat

Then Awkwardly We Danced

You are watching. There is a pause. This is a spatial agreement between you and me. Between me and the shadows, the shadows and I. Shaking off the dusty thoughts at 3am in the dark, thoughts of pirates in your wine and knowing your attractive face, listening to the whispers between a broken clock and a forgotten moment. When the shadows lift you can see. She’s sitting in a corner counting minutes that pass her by. When the ramblings are left unreigned a storm can take place in your glass.

Created and performed by Gita Bezard, Alissa Claessens, Natasha Commons, Fran Middleton, Jo Willers

The Invisible Workforce

Who works before the sun rise? And then again after dark? Who does the dirty work without thanks? And what sort of lives do they lead? These are stories from the ‘Invisible Workforce’, largely unseen and largely unsung. That is… until now. Brace yourself for a fusion of music, movement, conflicts and true stories. This performance explores the lives of cleaners; their sense of humour, the difficult choices they make, and the challenges of being ‘invisible’. Using verbatim text, this is a performance that comes clean

Created and performed by Catherine Bjorlo, Fleur Hockey, Trixi Oldfield, Emily Taylor, Amy White



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Jun. 7th, 2007 02:09 am (UTC)
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